Thirty Years Ago

Town & Country Magazine, 1993

Long before anyone talked about "going green," Agraria was packaging potpourri, candles, soap bars, sachets and burning sticks in woven palm leaf containers from Indonesia.

To quote a 1993 Town & Country feature on Agraria, "For the serious aesthete who has everything, there's politically correct Agraria potpourri. It's actually been around for a while." Later in the story, Agraria founder Stanford Stevenson states, "Use of the palm leaves helps support the rain forest and that area's local economy." To this day, we continue to hear about customers that have kept the candle case as a treasured decorative object. But the pièce de résistance was the round hat box filled with 8 liters of potpourri. They still smell like Agraria, making it hard to throw away.

Discovering these containers in the archives inspired us to create
The Woven Crystal Candle for 2012.