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Balsam Diffuser Combo

Diffuser Combo

Enjoy special savings when purchasing an AirEssence™ Diffuser and PetiteEssence™ together. $195 when purchased separately.

Agraria AirEssence and PetiteEssence diffusers scent through sola flowers, a natural and environmentally friendly material. As the fragrant essential oils are absorbed through the cotton wick, the petals come alive with the color of the oil and the scent begins to diffuse. The AirEssence will stay fragrant up to one year and the PetiteEssence up to six months.

Our Balsam is a refreshing and luscious marriage that combines the essence of a sweet balsam, California redwood, a hint of French sage and the bouquet of white flowers.
One boxed 7.4oz/218mL AirEssence Diffuser with crystal glass tray and 3 sola flowers, and one boxed 1.7oz/50mL PetiteEssence Diffuser with sola flower and crystal glass tray


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