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Featuring a trio of fragrant blooms

AirEssence™ diffusers come to life with three distinctive sola flowers — each one hand crafted in India by skilled artisans. The aquatic sola plant is native to Southern Asia where it grows among the fertile rice paddies. The stalks of the plant, which were previously seen as a threat to rice crops, are now a productive harvest each September and used to create the natural and sustainable bouquet in our signature diffusers. Each flower petal is hand-crafted using paper-thin, dried slices of the stalk. The petals are then individually sewn onto a cotton wick to complete the floral stem.

As the essential oils are absorbed through the wick, you’ll see each petal come to life with color and scent. Now with three flowers, you’ll enjoy even more of your favorite home fragrance.


Agraria AirEssence™ diffusers available in 9 fragrances